TMS is a web application written to handle the time tracking and billing needs of a small federal contractor. The first iteration of the system was completed in 2003, utilizing PHP and MySQL in the early days of their popularity. The system was completely rewritten in 2007 with expanded capabilities, modern coding practices, and speed optimizations.

TMS is used daily by every employee of the organization as they track the time they spend working. Managers can view and approve timecards on a weekly basis. There are numerous administrative functions that allow senior members of the company to create contracts and clients, assign time and tasks to employees, manage holidays and days off, and create invoices. A Purchasing System is also included in the app which enables the Finance department to track company purchases.


  • Employees can
    • Enter time worked specific to clients and activities
    • View allocations and time remaining for each client
    • Specify time off and view remaining PTO
    • Create custom tasks for personal time tracking
    • Choose from many UI themes
  • Managers can
    • View timecards and notes from their subordinates
    • Approve/lock timecards or ask for edits
  • Administrators can
    • Create customers, contracts, and projects
    • Allocate time on a general or granular basis to employees
    • Manage holidays and days off
    • Configure how employees enter data into timecards
    • Enter predictions for time used and track reality against them
    • Create budgets and track purchases for each project
    • Create invoices from numerous reports
    • Export data to CSV


PHP, MySQL, jQuery UI

Website (restricted)