Description' is a website that provides access to all know recordings of the rock band Phish. The web frontend allows discovery of new content without interrupting playback of the current selection. A public JSON API serves requests to third party frontends, such as the popular iOS app Phish On Demand and

As a long-time fan of the music and attendee of over 120 live concerts, I wanted to give something back to the community. After contributing to the PhishTracks project with another developer, I started a fork of that repo and it eventually became The site serves thousands of unique visitors per week and is a well known resource among fans.

I worked with a talented Brooklyn-based designer to create the web UI.


  • Browse and stream music in the browser
  • Search shows, venues, songs, and tours
  • Create and share custom playlists
  • Browse events using Google Maps API
  • Like tracks to mark them as favorites and contribute to ranking
  • Tagging system for notating shows and tracks
  • Custom router provides short readable URLs
  • Public JSON API


Rails, CoffeeScript, PostgreSQL, SoundManager, Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Google Maps