PeepMode is a custom modification to the popular game StarCraft II that provides a superior spectating experience. As a long-time player of the franchise and fan of eSports, I decided to improve the spectator experience available on What I thought would take a couple of weeks ended up taking a year but turned out to be a very rewarding experience. Four years after initial release, the map continues to be a popular choice on the Arcade for those wishing to improve their game or simply be entertained.

I received feedback and encouragement from many StarCraft community members including players and mapmakers. Reddit, Team Liquid, and were all invaluable as I learned a new system that had notoriously bad documentation and no developer support.


  • Graphical team selection
  • Smart cam
  • Global Elo rating system
  • Spectator betting system
  • Event log with filtering
  • Unlockable avatars, pets, and perks
  • 1v1, 2v2, and FFA match support
  • Many UI enhancements


StarCraft II Editor, Photoshop, Logic Pro

How to Play

Search for "PeepMode" or "1v1 Obs" on