ComZombie is a financial data analysis engine written in C++ with a web frontend. I designed it along with a business partner in 2005 and built it the following year. Initially it was written in PHP but that proved to be too slow, so I rewrote it in C++. I also developed a distributed infrastructure that allowed us to split large trading optimization jobs across multiple machines in parallel.

The system produced several successful trading plans by analyzing past commodities data. Unfortunately these plans resulted in frequent trades that barely beat the commissions required to execute them. Although it didn't make us rich, building Comzombie was a fun and educational experience in the world of financial analysis and software development.


  • Fundamental analysis engine written in C++
  • Web frontend driven by PHP
  • Distributed computing infrastructure for running large optimization jobs
  • Tabular and graphical presentations of trading plans


C++, PHP, MySQL, ChartDirector