At age eleven, my parents brought home the first family computer. It was an Apple IIe and it came with 200 floppy disks containing mostly games. If the machine was booted without a disk in the drive, it displayed a BASIC command prompt. My computing life had begun. I started writing text adventure games, scribing my code by pencil and paper before digitizing it. Years later, my processes have improved yet I still feel a sense of wonder when it comes to the world of software.

After studying Information Technology and RIT, I began working at a small federal contractor where I honed my skills in web development, network administration, and eventually team management. Although I found management to be rewarding in various ways, I decided that I prefered a more creative role and transitioned from IT Manger to Lead Software Developer. I was given abundant latitude to design and build many web apps in PHP and, later, Ruby on Rails. Over the last seven years, Ruby has become my favorite language and Rails my favorite framework.

I've always enjoyed music on both artistic and analytical levels. At age 17 I began studying music theory and piano performance. After joining my first band ("Paper Street" in Rochester, NY), I was hooked. In 2005 I drove from upstate NY to Orlando FL to purchase a cut-down Hammond B3 and Leslie speaker, which I still lug around to gigs in California. Over the years, I've played with groups in various genres including jazz/funk, rock, and folk. I'm also interested in electronic music, having composed several pieces for my own projects.

I've been interested in videogames since the first time I saw Pong. As a youngster I made custom maps for Doom II and as an adult I created a popular mod for the game StarCraft II. I recently spent two years at the AAA videogame company Red 5 Studios working on Firefall, which was a rewarding experience.

I enjoy travel, especially road trips. I've visited nearly every state in the US. I've lived in upstate NY, San Francisco, Orange County, and Hawaii. I usually prefer to work remotely which affords me mobility but for the right projects I don't mind commuting.

Do you think I could contribute to your next project? Please get in touch!